We celebrated Nick’s birthday early since I was heading out of town. So Monday night when he got home from work we hand a nice dinner of pork chops, sweet potatoes and kale followed by his favorite cake, funfetti. This year I spoiled him a bit and got 1 nice gift. A custom leather briefcase that fits his computer.

Before nick went back to LA and I to my night shoot we went had had a seafood lunch at a local oyster bar. It ended up being happy hour all day Sunday so we went a little nuts with the ordering, Oysters, crab cake, calamari, clam chowder and bloody marys

On my way home I stopped at a farmer’s stand and got all these strawberries for $9. it was a great deal. When i arrived home i was happy to

see that our seedlings were doing so well. 

Before I went to Ventura, CA for our next episode i was able to sneak home for a day. Nick and I squeezed in breakfast at a place in Culver we had been wanting to try. At home the vegetables are getting some help from the mushrooms. I suppose we’re having some drainage issues but the mushrooms are supposed to be good for the plants.

While in Ventura I got to see some pretty beach during b-roll and a lot of farming. Nick and a few other crew boyfriend/girlfriends came up for the weekend and it was nice everyone getting to meet each other.

Day 8, Part 1:

We woke up in Igls, Austria and said goodbye to the Alps and to start our last full day in Europe. We hopped on the bus for a quick 20 minute ride down to Innsbruck, Austria. We quickly stashed our luggage in the lockers at the train station then set out on our day.

We went straight for the historic area. It dates back to mid evil times and has amazing architecture. We strolled around and saw churches, palaces, and shops that had been around since the 1400s.

Day 8, Part 2:

As the day continued we enjoyed our walk along the river. The water was almost robins egg blue and crystal clear. It was so pretty with the colorful buildings are white mountains.

There was a building, right on the river that is one of the oldest standing in the city. It has been a hostel, a restaurant, a boarding house plus a numerous other business. It has a strange statue of a man and a woman outside.

While wondering around the city we saw Candy Christmas trees and feather Santas, these were some of my favorite decorations in Innsbruck. Before our day trip was over we found another hole in the wall Doner place and had to have another street lunch before we left.

Day 8, Part 3:

Around 4p we hopped on a train for a quick 2 hr ride back to Munich. We stayed at a hotel right across from the train station for the night.

There was a restaurant, Augistiner Am Dom, that was about 1/2 a mile away from our new hotel. Nick wanted to try it because it had beer that was served from wooden barrels. Since it was our last night we had a feast. Munich Kasespatzle, a wurst plate, schnitzel, and apple strudel. It was an amazing last meal. Topped off by the tasty wood barrel beer, edlesoff, which literately translates to precious stuff.