Before Nick and I left Georgia we went to my old house and explored since its now for sale. Once back in LA we did an early birthday celebration since I will be on the road for the 3rd year in a row. Nick got me an amazing gift. We’re going to put them in our dining room. I also got some great stuff from Mom and the Scofields. After opening gifts we went to Magnolia bakery to have some treats.

On the dead files Jason’s bday is the 6th and Alex’s is the 19th so I made them each birthday cookies.

After our 45/21 win over Clemson we headed back dowtown. On the way we stopped at the bell and gave it a good ring. Went to Trapeze for a beer then The Grill for Feta Dressing and fries. After this we were exhausted and crashed.

Our quick Athens trip!Friday night we grabbed dinner from Transmet, hit Walkers and Copper Creek for a drink before heading to our Airbnb host’s house. The next day we headed downtown for tailgating before the game. We made sure to get to the game when gates opened to experience all the pregame excitement.

My first week back after 46 days was fun. Nick and I went to the fair and found some chairs to go with our new kitchen table. They are quite a project. Brina is currently sleeping on our couch becasue her apartment fell through. So while there is a house full of fun we went to the pier and Malibu Family Wines.

My day off in Portland was packed full. It started leisurely with a walk at Pittock Mansion then lunch at Ken’s Bakery. After that Monica and I met up with some of the crew for drinks, more food and ice cream. Then we went to another bar, an arcade bar, got a slice of pizza and donuts! After that we had to do some work the rest of the week. But our locations were pretty.

More Jamaica pics. It was hot! 90 degress with a heat index of 108, hot. rivers of sweat were pouring from everyone’s head down to our toes. but we got to see some pretty places and eat lunch on the beach

DF Season 5 starts in Jamaica!!!

The work began right away at the airport. Customs with 31 pieces of equipment is not easy. I was in need of a drink when we finally made it to our resort ( the most expensive place in Montego Bay, that none of us could afford, so we called it the Compound) There was very little leaving the resort. We started work right away covering the famous Rose Hall.