More Jamaica pics. It was hot! 90 degress with a heat index of 108, hot. rivers of sweat were pouring from everyone’s head down to our toes. but we got to see some pretty places and eat lunch on the beach

DF Season 5 starts in Jamaica!!!

The work began right away at the airport. Customs with 31 pieces of equipment is not easy. I was in need of a drink when we finally made it to our resort ( the most expensive place in Montego Bay, that none of us could afford, so we called it the Compound) There was very little leaving the resort. We started work right away covering the famous Rose Hall.

San Francisco, Day 4:

Our last day in SF started with a morning exploration of the Palace of Fine Arts. It was originally built for the World’s Fair but was seen as such a beautiful exhibit it was redone to be permanent. After, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Muir Woods. We took a touristy but easy hike enjoying the redwoods.

After our hike we went back across the bay and started the drive back to Los Angeles. On the way we stopped at a beach to see the Elephant seals. They only started stopping here about 15 years ago and now thousands appear every year.

Day 3 Part 1

We started Day 3 battling the San Fransisco transit authority. After having to take a number to get an all day pass, we realized we wanted a map, and were told we had to take another number to get a map. We promptly declined.

The day would improve greatly, however, as our next stop was a ride on a historic cable car. The line was already 100 deep when we got to the stop. We noticed the cable car stopped just a block uphill, so we forwent the line and walked to the next stop. Two cars later we hopped on, quite satisfied with ourselves.

Megan got to ride on the very back with the operator, which made for some great pictures and views. Luckily I was tall enough to enjoy it for myself too. After a good 15-20 minute ride through the heart of San Fransisco, we ended up near Ghirardelli Square. It was 10:30 am, so we did the natural thing and ate a breakfast of Sundae’s and Root Beer Floats.

Our next stop was Alamo Square. This is home to the famous painted ladies from the “Full House” intro sequence. We also took a selfie with the “Full House” house.

From there we hopped a train to the Mission District and consumed an amazing lunch of oysters and the best crab sandwich in existence. The day was all about neighborhood hopping, some from there we walked over to Dolores ParkĀ  to enjoy the beautiful day and views. Just for a second though, because there was much left to see.

SAN FRANCISCO; Day 3, Part 2:

For the second part of our day we headed over the the Japanese Tea Gardens. They were very unique and made for some amazing pictures. They had a small tea room set up inside so of course we took a small Tea break to warm up from the harsh SF winds.

After Tea we headed The Haight. Its very similar to Little 5 Points in Atlanta. Lots of unique stores, strange people and colorful murals. From there we visited the Castro, the Midtown of SF. Lots of gay pride flags everywhere.

Exhaused after a day of exploring we grabbed dinner from Rainbow Grocery, a very SF shop. Then we rallied and went back to Smuggler’s Cove for a quick drink to say goodbye to SF.

SAN FRANCISCO; Day 2, Part 1:

Day 2 began with a walking tour that I (Nick) found online for Chinatown! I was excited to hopefully see some filming locations from Big Trouble in Little China, but learned earlier that only a handful of shots were actually filmed in San Fransisco.

Regardless, we pressed on. Our tour consisted of Moon Cakes from the oldest bakery in China town, a fortune cookie factory, and a wide assortment of bizarre and terrifying food markets. One of the most unique parts of the tour took us down an alley where many old Chinese ladies gathered in private rooms to play Mah Jong. We could hear the loud clicking of the tiles through dozens of blocked doors.

We ended our tour with Dim Sum at the “Great Eastern Restaurant.” Though most of the meal was delicious, there were some less than appetizing surprises along the way. Mystery meat in the rice, namely.

After our tour, we literally crossed one road, and we were in the Italian part of town - North beach.